Over 15 years experience in all types of roofing, siding and cladding projects, producing the highest quality installations.

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Drummond Roofing and Cladding offers a wide range of services covering roofing, siding and cladding. We come with over 15 years experience in both residential and commercial projects, serving the Lower Mainland.

We are fully insured and follow all safe work practices in line with Worksafe BC. Our roofs, siding and cladding come with the manufacturers warranty. We understand the importance of protecting your property against the elements and are happy to walk you through the options best suited to your property.


Asphalt Shingles

These are the most common roof types purchased by most homeowners and roofers thanks to the fact that they are relatively inexpensive and durable. They also come in different colors and styles and are easy to install. Asphalt shingles provide reliable waterproofing and are suitable for a broad range of temperatures.

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Metal Roof

Today, there are more and more people who are opting for metal roofs thanks to the fact that they are lightweight, more environmentally friendly and are low maintenance. Installing a metal roof is not only a durable long lasting roofing system it can also add curb appeal to your property. It’s advisable to get a roofing contractor such as ourselves with experience in the installation of metal roofs.

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Cedar shingles and synthetics

Cedar shakes are among the most green-friendly roofing choices available especially if they are harvested in a way that’s environmentally friendly or are recycled wood. They’re one of the most environmentally preferred roof choices thanks to the material as it produces minimal impact on the water runoff quality and have a lifespan of about 30 years.

We also offer a wide range of synthetic cedar, slate and tile alternatives.

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There are a large variety of material options for siding, such as vinyl, fiber cement and wood. We can be sure to find the perfect style to suit your property whether it is a heritage home that needs an upgrade or a modern property that needs a sleek new look.


Metal cladding is suitable for small, medium and large-scale residential and commercial projects, our metal facades offer unique options to architects and builders looking to set themselves apart from the competition with superior design and build.

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